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Team Work Catalan Style

@ Cool Stars 17 conference in Barcelona!

My Team

If you want to be involved....

PhD students

2018--now   Florian Leibing -- DFG funded "Impact of stellar activity jitter on

                      detecting earth-like exoplanets"


2013--17      Sudeshna Boro Sakia -- DFG funded "Magnetic Cool Stars" 


Masters and Bachelors students

2009 --           Supervisor of 11 MSc and BSc students

Former postdoc

2015               Ulrike Lemke "High precision RV measurements of the Sun"

Former students

2015                Patrick Schoefer "RV and activity in Preparation for CARMENES"

2014                Andre Lamerts "High Resolution Data Preparation for CARMENES"

2014                Martha Saladino "Dynamical evolution of Planetary Systems Stars 


2013                 Javier Alonso Floriano "High Resolution Data Preparation for


                          PhD internship student


2013                 Thibaut Roger "Spectral Typing from High Resolution CAFE data"

                           Masters intership student


2013                  Abhay Pratap Yadev "Study of Chromospheric Activty"

                           Astromundus student


2013                  Patrick Schoefer "Spectral Typing HRS data"

                           Bachelors thesis


2010                  Edwin van der Helm "Dynamical Evolution of Halley-type Comets"

                           Masters student


2007-2011       Hector Canovas "High Contrast Polarimetric Imaging of

                           Circumstellar Environments"

                           PhD student - partial supervision



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