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Brief CV

Professional info​

My professional experience focuses on the detection of small rocky exoplanets and understanding the magnetic activity of their host stars.   I am also involved in many instrumental projects

Work Experience


Akademische Rätin, Goettingen

2011 - present


​I'm a currently a lecturer at the Institute for Astrophysics in Goettingen Germany.  More details on the large-international projects that I am currently involved in, my latest research results and my teaching profile can be found on this webpage


Postdoctoral Researcher - Utrecht University

​2006 - 2011


During my time in Utrecht I was the instrument scientist for

​Instrument scientist for the EXPO imaging polarimeter, and I was also on the science team for SPHERE.


Marie Curie Fellow - OMP, Toulouse

​2004 - 2006


​As a Marie Curie fellow I aquired expertise in tomographic mapping of magnetically active stars



2017/8/9     Organisor of Physics Faculty                      Colloquium 

2017            Exoplanets splinter session 

                     Astronomishe Gesellschaft

2015            chair Stellar Dynamos conf.

2015            AG splinter 'Stellar Activity'

2013            CARMENES Science Meeting

2012 --         IAG/MPS dymano/activity 

                     discussion group

2012            BCool meeting

2009            Polarisation in Disks 

                     Workshop - Utrecht

2008-2011  Dutch exoplanets group


Many PhD and Masters thesis



Universität Göttingen
I was awarded my Habilitation degree in January 2020
University of St Andrews

​I was awarded my PhD in June 2005 on the "Surface Mapping of Solar-type Stars" supervised by Prof. Andrew Cameron


The Queen's University of Belfast

​BSc and MPhil degrees


First class honours

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