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Brief CV

Professional info​

My professional experience focuses on the detection of small rocky exoplanets and understanding the magnetic activity of their host stars.   I have also been involved in many instrumental projects

I have more than 10 years of Project Management experience of complex projects and I recently passed my PMP exam. 

I am also a Scrum Master I and II, Project Owner I and II.

Work Experience


Group Leader, Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research Gottingen
2020 -
I am currently a group leader and the Principle Investigator of the RedDots exoplanet search program to detect all of the terrestrial planets orbiting the stars closest to our Solar System.  More details on the large-international projects that I am currently involved in, my latest research results and my teaching profile can be found on this webpage
Akademische Rätin, Gottingen

2011 - 2020

I was lecturer at the Institute for Astrophysics in Goettingen Germany.  


Postdoctoral Researcher - Utrecht University


During my time in Utrecht I was the instrument scientist for

​Instrument scientist for the EXPO imaging polarimeter, and I was also on the science team for SPHERE.


Marie Curie Fellow - OMP, Toulouse


​As a Marie Curie fellow I aquired expertise in tomographic mapping of magnetically active stars



2023         BCool meeting -- SOC chair

2021         BCool meeting  -- SOC chair 

2017-9     Organisor of Physics Faculty                        Colloquium 

2017         Exoplanets splinter session 

                  Astronomishe Gesellschaft

2015         chair Stellar Dynamos conf.

2015         AG splinter 'Stellar Activity'

2013         CARMENES Science Meeting

2012 --      IAG/MPS dymano/activity 

                  discussion group

2012          BCool meeting

2009          Polarisation in Disks 

                   Workshop - Utrecht

2008-2011 Dutch exoplanets group


Many PhD and Masters thesis



Universität Göttingen
I was awarded my Habilitation degree in October 2019
University of St Andrews

​I was awarded my PhD in June 2005 on the "Surface Mapping of Solar-type Stars" supervised by Prof. Andrew Cameron


The Queen's University of Belfast

​BSc and MPhil degrees


First class honours

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